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The exporters now hold the money exchange house responsible for their losses.
The six Dubai-based companies were identified as Al-Hussain Exchange, Al-Zaruni Exchange, Multi-net Trust Exchange, RMU Global Exchange, Reems Exchange and Karim Money Exchange. The four UK-based companies included Main International, Usman International, FX Currency and Crossbar FX.
The suspect entered the money exchange on Monday evening and pretended to be a customer.
Collaborating with Western Union allows us to play a significant role in moving money across the world via digital channels,' K S Subromoniyan, managing director of Global Money Exchange said.
According to the instructions, the money exchange companies will have to properly document and record the purpose of the currency movement after necessary authorisation in its system on real time basis by its head office.
The number of financial entities operating under the UAE Central Bank's mandate and supervision, excluding Emirati and foreign banks, reached 21 financial investment companies and 11 brokerage firms, along with 11 commercial banks, 28 financing companies, 108 bank representation offices and 141 money exchange companies.
Summary: Kabul [Afghanistan], August4 (ANI): Intense fighting is underway between security forces and insurgents after a group of armed men stormed a money exchange market in the center of Gereshk district in the southern Helmand province on Friday morning.
Doha -- Qatari prince Hamad Bin Jassam has started endeavouring to acquire fake receipts from a closed Money Exchange Company of Qatar for giving reply to JIT with reference to his letter.
Summary: Suspect and his accomplice mugged man, who was walking to money exchange in Naif
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-June 20, 2016-Dragonfly Fintech solution power Metro Money Exchange
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 20, 2016-Dragonfly Fintech solution power Metro Money Exchange
Two Ukrainian nationals allegedly visited George Michel Slaibi's money exchange shop in Burj Hammoud for the second time in than two weeks to convert $100,000 into euros.