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DENIAL: White House intern Monica Lewinsky, with whom American President Bill Clinton denied having sex in the Oval Office
He brings us up to the present with two well-known political sex cases: those of Bob Packwood, the former Oregon senator, who in 1994 was forced to turn over his diaries to the Senate Ethics Committee as a part of the sexual-misconduct investigation of his cloddish advances on female staffers and lobbyists; and Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern, from whose home computer Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr (among his other excesses) was able to extract drafts of never-sent love letters to President Bill Clinton.
Those words seem almost quaint in a world where Barbara Walters urges Monica Lewinsky to share details with 40 million viewers, or where so many of us rubberneck at the checkout stand to catch tabloid headlines about some final secret about Di or JFK Jr.
What is missing is the reminder that of all the evils in the world, President Clinton's behavior in the Monica Lewinsky affair, deplorable as it is, is hardly the most serious.
While imprisoned for his thefts from the Rose Law Firm, Hubbell received consulting fees from an offshore source of Clinton campaign funds, the Riady family, and from Revlon (the same company that offered a job to Monica Lewinsky on Vernon Jordan's recommendation).
From a television column in The Washington Post on Barbara Walters's interview with Monica Lewinsky on 20/20: "ABC hiked the price for a thirty-second commercial [on the show] to $800,000.
TESCO have offered Monica Lewinsky an incredible pounds 50,000 deal to do a bad taste ad for a stain remover.
Clinton, who has been impeached over the Monica Lewinsky affair, has been cleared by DNA test results.
took to the polls on Tuesday, Monica Lewinsky was headlining Sweden's anti-bullying rally, HjAaAaAeAnrntillsko Executive Day 2016, according to reports.
MONICA Lewinsky has broken her ten-year silence on her affair with Bill Clinton, saying he "took advantage of me".
1999 Monica Lewinsky was in Yorkshire promoting her biography.