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MRMister (title of address)
MRMentally Retarded
MRMemory Recall (calculator button)
MRMemorandum for Record
MRMarket Research
MRMedical Records
MRMaximum Ride (book series)
MRManagement Review
MRMaintenance Repair
MRMotivation(al) Research
MRMutual Recognition (drug approval by local authorities, referring to other EU country approval)
MRMatrix Reloaded
MRMessage Received
MRMember Resources
MRMagnetic Resonance
MRMaintenance Release
MRMacro (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
MRMarginal Revenue (economics)
MRMajor Repair
MRMental Retardation
MRMixed Reality
MRMetabolic Rate
MRMoonraker (James Bond film)
MRMulti Role
MRManufacturer's Representative
MRManagement Representative
MRMonster Rancher (game)
MRMaster of the Rolls
MRMaintenance Request
MRModified Release (pharmaceutics)
MRMidland Railway (UK)
MRMaintenance Responsibility
MRManual Review (US Air Force)
MRMatchbook Romance (band)
MRMedical Representative (pharmaceutical sales)
MRMedium Resolution
MRMitral Regurgitation (heart)
MRMens Rea (criminal law)
MRMeet Record (sports)
MRMaurice Ravel (classical composer)
MRModel Railroader
MRMenschenrechte (German: Human Rights)
MRMaster Reset
MRMahinda Rajapaksa (president of Sri Lanka)
MRMain Ring
MRMoon Rise
MRMyocardial Revascularization (heart)
MRMerge Request (coding)
MRMaterials Request
MRMichael Redd (NBA Player)
MRMoose River
MRMouvement Réformateur (Belgian political party)
MRMixture Ratio
MRModification Request
MRMathematical Reviews (journal)
MRMach Rider (gaming)
MRMid-Engine Rear-Wheel Drive
MRMilano Red (Honda paint color)
MRMaterial Review (engineering)
MRMain Rotor
MRMagnetorheological (sometimes written as Magneto-Rheological)
MRMinimal Residual
MRMiddle Reliever (baseball)
MRMatrix Reasoning (intelligence testing)
MRMineralocorticoid Receptor
MRMeasles-Rubella (vaccine)
MRMonica Reyes (X-Files character)
MRMilitary Region
MRMiscellaneous Receipts
MRMidship Runabout (Toyota)
MRMitsubishi Racing (car model)
MRMitochondria-Rich (cells)
MRMachine Record
MRMemory Resident
MRMilk Replacer
MRMobile Router
MRMaintenance Requirement
MRManagement Reserve
MRMarine Recon
MRMercury Redstone
MRMcCloud River (railroad)
MRMaritime Reconnaissance
MRMinnesota Review (journal)
MRMagic Resistance
MRMonitor Room
MRMolecular Replacement
MRMissile Radar
MRMolecular Response
MRMarginal Return
MRAir Mauritanie(Mauritania, IATA airline code)
MRMaintenance Review
MRMoving Range (of observations)
MRModified Read
MRMind Rape
MRModem Ready
MRMichael Rabin (classical violinist)
MRMobile Route (postal)
MRMarket Representative
MRMars Relay (NASA)
MRMatsuura Railway (Japan)
MRMaterial Requisition
MRMishap Report
MRMilitaires du Rang (Canada)
MRManufacturing Release
MRMobile Receiver
MRMachinery Repairman (USN Rating)
MRMalfunction Report
MRMobile Relay (repeater)
MRMateriel Release
MRMean Rabbit
MRMaterial Regulation
MRMould Room
MRMedium Rigid (vehicle license class)
MRMode Request
MRMagnetic Roller
MRMovimiento Reformador (Guatemala political party)
MRMonopulse Radar
MRMain Reflector
MRMunitions Rule
MRMagical Relax (Suzuki wagon)
MRMicrowave R
MRMoonlight Resonance (television)
MRMaintenance Ratio
MRMissile Round
MRMail and Records
MRModem Relay
MRMis-Recognized (word)
MRMouse Rug
MRMicro Resources, Inc.
MRMouvement Rodriguais (French: Rodrigues Movement, Mauritius)
MRMechanisms and Robotics Conference (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
MRMontreal Racing
MRWar Tax Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
MRMission Rainbow
MRMafia Returns (online game)
MRMultiply Register (IBM)
MRMedium Rate Data (observations taken once per second)
MRMolasses Residuum
MRMacRepublic (website)
MRModification/Material Request
MRMagnetiese Resonansie-Skandering
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When people make a mistake its necessary that they ask for forgiveness," said Monica Reyes, a nursing assistant who attended the popes speech at the presidential palace.
Davis as Cigarette Smoking Man, Annabeth Gish as Monica Reyes, Robbie Amell as Miller, and Lauren Ambrose as Einstein.
Our out-of-this-world guide to the characters SKINNER WALTER The assistant director of the FBI, played by Mitch Pileggi, will return MONICA REYES The FBI special agent, played by Annabeth Gish, remains an ally of Mulder and Scully SMOKING MAN The agents' arch nemesis, played by William B Davis, is still puffing away with a tracheotomy THE LONE GUNMEN Geeky would-be villains (Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund) feature again 'There was the "Scully effect", an influx of girls wanting to be FBI agents' Gillian Anderson
Sin embargo, dicho logro se opaco el pasado 5 de septiembre, cuando la fiscalia dio a conocer el hallazgo de los cadaveres de Karime Cruz Reyes y de su tia Monica Reyes Baruch en una fosa de la colonia Luis Echeverria (Coatzacoalcos).
Antes de Uribe, casi ninguna de las grandes cadenas hoteleras del mundo estaba en Colombia", explica la experta tributarista Monica Reyes, de Reyes y Asociados, desde Bogota.
SKC Monica Reyes from FISCJ to FISCJ Operational Support Forward Kuwait LCDR Ricky Robins from FISC Puget Sound, to JCC-I, Iraq, Contract Specialist.
Camera (color), Jochi Melero; editor, David Cochran; production designer, Bonita Huffman; art directors, Rafael Trelles, Monica Reyes Llenza; sound, Fernando Camara.
There was an attempt to recreate some of the on-screen chemistry between Mulder and Scully with Doggett and female agent, Monica Reyes, played by Annabeth Gish.
Initially I was a bit put out by the Mulder/ Scully surrogates--John Doggett (Robert Patrick) the intense, sad eyed meat and potatoes ex-cop and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish), the savvy, sexy Mexican with an almost annoying confidence in her much lauded 'intuition'--but I'm getting used to their take on 'unresolved-sexual-tension' and 'playing-it-earnest-in-the-face-of-the-highly-improbable'.
Entonces, la nueva pareja de la tan popular serie en su novena temporada sera estelarizada por Robert Patrick (el esceptico John Doggett) y Anabeth Gish, quien sera Monica Reyes, una nueva agente latina que fue pedida por Carter.