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MONDLERMonica and Chandler (Friends TV show characters)
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Joey will be on his own, so hopefully he will move in with Monica and Chandler.
Newly-weds Monica and Chandler moved out of their trendy apartment to the suburbs, with not one but two babies, after surrogate mother Erica gave birth to twins.
Monica and Chandler become parents of twins and Phoebe announces she wants a 'whole bunch' of kids with her husband, Mike.
And so desperate are Monica and Chandler to hear the patter of little Bings that they head for a hospital supply cupboard to get the ball rolling.
On our screens Monica and Chandler look set to be heading to the suburbs with their new baby, Phoebe is settling down to married life, Joey is still Joey, Rachel could be off to a new job in Paris, and Ross is celebrating a new job, but devastated at Rachel's news.
Married couple Monica and Chandler are also trying for a baby, while Phoebe is still looking for a soul-mate boyfriend.
Monica and Chandler wed two seasons ago while Phoebe weds Mike, played by Paul Rudd, next month.
The slobby binman and the Rovers Return cleaner put Friends characters Monica and Chandler and Rachel and Ross in their place.