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MEMMaster of Environmental Management (various universities)
MEMMethods in Electron Microscopy
MEMMinisterio de Energia y Minas (Guatemala)
MEMMinimum Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMMinimal Essential Medium (culture medium)
MEMModified Eagle's Medium (culture media)
MEMMaster of Engineering Management
MEMMissouri Employers Mutual (Columbia, MO)
MEMMultilateral Evaluation Mechanism (drug trafficking)
MEMMetro Ethernet Manager
MEMMacro Editor Macro
MEMMemory Manager
MEMMaximum Entropy Method
MEMMain Event Mafia (wrestling)
MEMMajor Economies Meeting
MEMMinistry of Energy and Mines
MEMMinistère de l'Énergie et des Mines (French: Ministry of Energy and Mines; various locations)
MEMMedical Electronics Manufacturing (magazine)
MEMMobile Enterprise Management (software)
MEMMiddle Earth Mud (gaming)
MEMMunicipal Emergency Manager (Australia)
MEMManufacturing Enterprise Model
MEMMajor Emergency Management (offshore oil & gas industry)
MEMMining Environmental Management
MEMManufacturing Equipment Monitor
MEMManufacturing Engineering Memo (various companies)
MEMMonocular Estimate Method (ophthalmology)
MEMMars Excursion Module
MEMModule Exchange Mechanism (US NASA)
MEMMemphis, TN, USA - Memphis International Airport (Airport Code)
MEMMinimum Endogenous Mortality
MEMMain Electronics Module
MEMMarine Engineering Mechanic (Royal Navy UK)
MEMMeasurement Error Model
MEMMellors Elliot Motorsport
MEMModal Emission Model
MEMMechanical Electrical Maintenance
MEMMultiple Engagement Model (military analysis model)
MEMMcAfee Enterprise Management
MEMMarket Equipment Management
MEMMatjaz Eric Maj (Mem Couture; fashion brand)
MEMMusica ExperiMente Ensemble (Contemporary Music Ensemble: Italy)
MEMModel Exercise Model
MEMMarine Equity Model
MEMMunition Effectiveness Manual
MEMMultiple-Entry Memory (software framework)
MEMMove Entity Manager (USAF)
MEMMature Equivalent of Milk
MEMMaximum Energy Management
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A third uncertainty is whether the patient had anisometropia, which was indicated by non-cycloplegic retinoscopy (1.50D aniso) and subjective (1.00D), and amplitude of accommodation (Acc, measured at the beginning of the examination without refractive correction); but not supported by the retinoscopy (monocular estimate method (MEM)) findings.
Special invest, special investigation of visual function; Spx, spectacles; LEE, last eye examination; HA, headaches; VS, visual stress; fus res, fusional reserves; text, symptoms reported in the Intuitive Overlays test;'8 c, with (except in stereopsis test when refers to Randot 2 circles subtest); s, without (except in Randot 2 stereopsis test when refers to random dot shapes subtest); PGT, pattern glare test (see brelow); MEM, monocular estimate method of retinoscopy to assess accommodative lag
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