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Jim Webb, D-Va., authored the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act, which would replace key elements of the Montgomery GI Bill, with the explicit goal of replicating the benefits available to veterans after World War II.
Primeaux, a Vietnam veteran who began his military service in 1968, said he feels an emotional attachment to this recognition because he not only attended college on the Montgomery GI Bill, but he also spoke to Congressman Montgomery on several occasions.
(24) The bill's major opponents each endorsed alternative expansions of benefits, such as allowing service members to transfer their benefits to spouses, (25) and staying within the existing Montgomery GI Bill framework while raising the flat-rate benefits by approximately forty-five percent.
They evaluate the implementation of AYP within the act, offer AYE growth models, and analyze the effects of the Montgomery GI Bill in terms of college prices and federal student aid.
For example it was at a meeting with spouses at Fort Hood that I heard military families who'd like the Montgomery GI Bill education benefits to be transferable to a spouse or child.
* May use the Army College Fund or the Montgomery GI Bill.
The scholarship enhances the Montgomery GI bill, which currently provides veterans with $1,075 per month for a maximum of thirty-six months, to cover education expenses.
The Army announced July 21 the implementation of a pilot program allowing Soldiers in critical skills who reenlist the ability to transfer Montgomery GI Bill benefits to their spouse.
VFW should not advocate abolishing the participant's $1,200 buy-in to the Montgomery GI Bill It is an investment no one can afford to pass up.
Accelerated payment is paid instead of Montgomery GI Bill benefits that the student otherwise would receive.
Importantly for defense professionals, the CTL Professional Certification Program is now approved by Veterans Affairs under the Active Duty and Veterans Eligible for Montgomery GI Bill Education Benefits.
Introduction The Montgomery GI Bill and Army College Fund are ways to get part of your college education paid for just by enlisting in the U.S.
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