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Caption: FIGURE 4: Ten years' monthly mean temperature outdoor with a constant indoor temperature of 295 K in Beijing (a), and ten years' relative humidity outdoor with 50% relative humidity indoor in Beijing (b).
Energy savings due to insulation decline nonlinearly from cold monthly mean temperatures for New Zealand (7[degrees]C) to reach zero at a mean monthly temperature of 20[degrees]C.
The multi-model mean annual curves of monthly mean temperature changes for 2070-2099 in comparison with the baseline period 1961-1990 in western Estonia (Fig.
In this study, the monthly mean temperature was calculated by spline function interpolation.
There was a trend of rise of incidence of eclampsia in each year.Weather parameters (monthly mean temperature, relative humidity, average rain fall, and mean sea level pressure) differed significantly when compared among seasons.
Monthly number of deaths = monthly proportion of influenza A + number of days in each month + linear time trend + squared time trend + 3M pairs of seasonality variables + monthly mean temperature + monthly mean relative humidity
The monthly mean temperature for July (August) was below (above) normal when comparing the mean at the COU airport with the 30-year normals (Table 2).
6.4a; the strongest positive surface air temperature anomalies during October (not shown) were over interior portions of East Antarctica along the Transantarctic Mountains reaching 2[degrees]-4[degrees]C (> 3 standard deviations) above average, and Vostok Station in the central East Antarctic plateau set a record high monthly mean temperature in October of-51.1[degrees]C, 1.7[degrees]C higher than the previous record set in 2015.
Statistics of climate Criteria Weights variables Mean RE (relative error) (%) 1 Standard deviation RE (%) 1 Temporal change NRMSE (normalized root 1 mean square error) Monthly distribution Correlation coefficient 1 Spatial distribution Correlation coefficient 1 Trend and its Mann-Kendall (M-K) test (Z) 0.5 magnitude Sen's slope ([beta]) 0.5 Spatiotemporal EOF1 (first vector) 0.5 variability EOF2 (second vector) 0.5 Probability density BS (Brier score) 0.5 functions (PDFs) Sscore (significance score) 0.5 Table 2: Model performances for monthly mean temperature. GCMs GCM Mean StDev NRMSE Monthly Spatial number value corr.
The monthly mean temperature was 15.39degC (59.7degF) just slightly above the average figure for June of 15.13degC.
As a first step towards establishing a relationship between electricity consumption and changes in temperatures induced by climate change, residential electricity consumption has been regressed on monthly mean temperature and trend.
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