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MOOBMade Out of Babies (band)
MOOBMinding Our Own Business (local business sustainability conference; Massachusetts)
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Moobs, a term for unusually prominent breasts on a man, gender-fluid, referring to a person who does not identify with a single fixed gender, and YOLO, the acronym for the phrase "you only live once", made the cut in the OED's quarterly update.
Otherwise, get yourself one of those nice beach kaftans so we don't have to look at your moobs.
Of the 1,000 men surveyed*, 64 per cent were worried about the 7 pounds of weight they piled on over Christmas, with moobs (man boobs), love handles and flabby bums causing the most concern.
Beaches, swimming pools and back gardens will be a spectacle of manly moobs, beer bellies, budgie smugglers and sunburnt backs.
Reasons to get fit: better body shape - no moobs, love handles and the like; avoidance of high blood pressure, problems with cholesterol, diabetes and even some forms of cancer; you'll be more attractive to the opposite sex with more energy and a happier disposition (probably because you're more attractive to the opposite sex) with greater drive and clarity of thinking.
It's hard to see how else he could have meant it, but Monty ignored the moobs slight and said he'd never heard of Vettriano.
The following night Keswick Beer Festival favourites The mOObs will headline the stage covering tracks by The Killers, Kings of Leon and Snow Patrol and reaching back through the years to the 80s and the likes of The Jam, The Police, The Stranglers and U2.
Moobs can be caused by certain prescribed medicines, such as those to treat stomach ulcers or diabetes.
Those with male breasts or "moobs" are reducing the size of their moobs and are tightening up the skin in those parts.
Topping the entertainment bill at The Bill Quay Beer Festival, which was featuring 50 real ales on its inaugural outing, were The Revolutionaires, The Ska-toons and The Moobs, who were among 16 acts performing in an outdoor marquee.