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MOODLEModular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (educational site)
MOODLEModulating Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
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"Moodle has a vibrant open source ecosystem, and we have partnered with Remote-Learner, a recognised leader in the Moodle community, to develop these plugins in the Moodle way.
Face-to-face instructors also use the videos to assist their students in accessing course materials stored on Moodle.
Regarding the English academic writing experience on Moodle platform, the research carried out to show how an online writing unit developed by the employment of Moodle course management system highlights that students see the convenience of time and place, ease of use, and interaction with classmates in forums and the peer response workshop under the Moodle platform (Jun & Lee, 2012).
The Moodle platform, from a functional perspective, has easily configurable characteristics, which allows the creation of student assessment processes (questionnaires and online tests) and the management of their tasks (Costa, Alvelosa, & Teixeira, 2012).
"eThink's service-heavy model focuses primarily on administrative support for Moodle and Totara," said Brian Carlson, CEO & Co-Founder of eThink Education.
Virtual learning environments are a group of teaching and learning tools for enhancing the learning experience of students through the inclusion of internet and computers in the learning process.8 The current model of education has been undergoing changes, renovations, and increasing use of the benefiting technological resources such as the Learning Management System (LMS).8 One of the most used LMS is, the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) (,9 It is a well-known, user-friendly and verified open-source software-learning management system.9 It can provide a learning interface as well as a source of communication.