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MRMister (title of address)
MRMentally Retarded
MRMemory Recall (calculator button)
MRMemorandum for Record
MRMarket Research
MRMedical Records
MRMaximum Ride (book series)
MRManagement Review
MRMaintenance Repair
MRMotivation(al) Research
MRMutual Recognition (drug approval by local authorities, referring to other EU country approval)
MRMatrix Reloaded
MRMessage Received
MRMember Resources
MRMagnetic Resonance
MRMaintenance Release
MRMacro (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
MRMarginal Revenue (economics)
MRMental Retardation
MRMajor Repair
MRMixed Reality
MRMetabolic Rate
MRMoonraker (James Bond film)
MRMulti Role
MRManufacturer's Representative
MRManagement Representative
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MRMaster of the Rolls
MRMaintenance Request
MRModified Release (pharmaceutics)
MRMidland Railway (UK)
MRMaintenance Responsibility
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MRMedium Resolution
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MRMoose River
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Iserhoff said this is significant because some of the ancestors buried at Moose River were involved in that historic event.
We also include in the Nuttby Formation rocks near the North River and West Moose River plutons mapped as Humming Brook Formation by Pe-Piper and Piper (1989), rocks south of" the North River Pluton mapped as undivided Silurian--Devonian by Donohoe and Wallace (1982), a granite-clast conglomerate and sandstone north of the Pleasant Hills pluton (Pe-Piper et al.
Moose River Crossing is located on James Bay, 44 miles south of Moosonee, near the railway tracks.
Early next morning, we boarded the Polar Princess, fully loaded with 80 passengers, to cruise down the Moose River, into which flow the waters of the Mattagami, Missinaibi and Abitibi.
"Give any of the old guides or fishermen of the Moose River Chain his choice between a trout and a frostfish and the chances are 9 to 10 that he will choose the frostfish ..." (1882)
May 21-24, 2004, Moose River Crossing, ON--Contact William at 705-235-5763
The work includes lane reconstruction and a new bridge over Moose River. The cost of the work, paid mostly from federal coffers, is estimated at $18.7 million.
Perched upon the island community of Moose Factory, visitors to the Ecolodge can watch as pods of beluga whales slip through the nearby waters of the Moose River. Some seals have become such regular visitors to nearby Charles Island that staff have taken to recognizing them on sight.
Discover the West Central Adirondacks: A Guide to the West Canada & Moose River Backcountry
The Mattagami River flows about another 50 miles before it hits the Moose River. The Moose River is the basin part of all the tributaries; where the Mattagami meets the Moose River it is another 50 miles to Moose Factory Island and Moose Cree First Nation.
While it's undetermined how much wind power potential is available in the North, the Ontario Waterpower Association estimates there's an estimated 4,000 MW to 5,000 MW in Northern Ontario and the Moose River basin that could be developed and added to the provincial supply mix.
Other good areas to try include ponds in the Lake Placid area, with easy hikes and good fishing; ponds near Long Lake: and the Moose River Plains area south of Inlet.