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MOOTWMilitary Operations Other Than War
MOOTWMessier Object of the Week
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Walking around TQ, it is sometimes hard to believe that this is MOOTW, much less war.
Referring to the coordination authority of the DM4, the role of mobility leadership, as currently illustrated in joint and Air Force doctrine, seems to be a role responsive to the organization that the joint force commander has created to face a regional conflict or MOOTW.
While MOOTW "with Chinese characteristics" has a significant domestic dimension, this body of doctrine also includes substantial maritime and overseas elements, and the PLAN appears poised to play a central role in it.
1) This distinction and the term and acronym MOOTW were officially declared discontinued by Joint Publication 3-0, Joint Operations (US Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2006, page iii).
43) The term MOOTW (which was officially retired in September 2001, although the programs it described continued under different names) encompassed numerous military missions that fall somewhere short of a full-scale shooting war.
Joint Doctrine for Military Operations Other Than War (2001), MOOTW encompasses:
10) MOOTW is kind of a catchall phrase in US military jargon which means anything at the low end of the spectrum--in other words not major conventional war or nuclear war.
204) See Warren, supra note 98, at 58 (noting that during MOOTW in Panama, Somalia, and Haiti, captured belligerents were not entitled to POW status because none was involved in an international armed conflict or captured in occupied territory).
The principles of MOOTW are objective, unity of effort, legitimacy, security, restraint, and perseverance.
If you come away from AFDD 2-3 (and this paper) with nothing else, remember this: "Political objectives drive MOOTW at every level from strategic to tactical.
One senior officer was quoted as saying, "Real men don't do MOOTW," or military operations other than war, a term that became the title for all these messy little low-end commitments.