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MOOTWMilitary Operations Other Than War
MOOTWMessier Object of the Week
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As pointed out by Major Ted Carter, "AFDD 2-6 does not address completely the role of DM4 in support of MOOTW with multiple joint task forces, as was encountered during Allied Force.
The principles of MOOTW combine with common sense to provide a basis for such operations.
The JMSDF must play a leading role in the purely noncombat operations of MOOTW to increase multilateral cooperation, protect its national interests, maintain freedom of navigation, and deepen its ties with the United States.
By definition, the Nation Assistance aspect of MOOTW involves:
MOOTW may be replaced by the US Army terms stability operations and support operations in future editions of joint and Air Force doctrine.
Thus cross-cultural cooperation in peace furnishes the basis for rapidly fusing capabilities in contingency response, particularly for MOOTW.
At first, it seemed that MOOTW might be not such a bad deal, financially.
Like the name suggests, MOOTW are operations involving the use of military capabilities in a variety of situations or circumstances that are not considered wartime operations.
Several experts offered extended comments on potential growth in enforcement measures ordered by the Security Council (a MOOTW mission, about which more is said below).
Using PSYOP during MOOTW to validate the credibility of US military and government actions in support of indigenous people can help persuade an adversary to accept the goals of the host nation and US activities in the region.
My unscientific sample focused on historical terms, but modern terms such as MOOTW and AEF also abound in Gunston's work.