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MOPEDSMotorized Objects Propelling Ethanol Drinking Subjects
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The boy, whenever he was not doing anything, moped in the house.
As to Stevie, he moped no longer at the foot of the clock, but muttered to himself in corners instead in a threatening tone.
I secured the rooms, paid a month's rent in advance at my own request, and moped in them dreadfully until the week was up and Raffles due any day.
He knew that he idled and moped. After what he had known of the influences of imprisonment within the four small walls of the very room he occupied, this consciousness made him afraid of himself.
He moped after her departure from Holdernesse Hall, and it was for this reason that the Duke desired to send him to my establishment.
I have always been a bachelor too, but I have that sort of disposition that I never moped; it was my way to go about everywhere and take in everything.
Thus mournfully communing with himself, Tom moped along the lane past Pudd'nhead Wilson's house, and still on and on between fences enclosing vacant country on each hand till he neared the haunted house, then he came moping back again, with many sighs and heavy with trouble.
He moped to school gloomy and sad, and took his flogging, along with Joe Harper, for playing hookey the day before, with the air of one whose heart was busy with heavier woes and wholly dead to trifles.
The Story Girl moped and refused to be comforted; Cecily declared she could not sleep at night for thinking of poor Paddy dying miserably in some corner to which he had dragged his failing body, or lying somewhere mangled and torn by a dog.
A spokeswoman said: "Abta's advice is to avoid hiring mopeds and only ride a quad bike if part of a properly supervised excursion.
Beyond that, the remaining weeks will be targeted to checks on motorcyclists and mopeds so as to limit as far as possible the number of deaths."
Amotorcyclistwas left with a hammer impaled in his helmet after a failed hijacking attempt by a gang of would-be moped thieves.