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MRAMagnetic Resonance Angiography
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MRAMutual Recognition Agreement
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MRAMen's Rights Activist
MRAMalawi Revenue Authority
MRAMoral Rearmament
MRAMineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonist (heart failure treatment)
MRAModerated Regression Analysis (economics)
MRAMinimum Retirement Age
MRAMetal Roofing Alliance
MRAMedia Rights Agenda (Nigeria)
MRAMarketing Research Association
MRAMazda Research and Development of North America
MRAMessage Records and Actions
MRAMould Release Agent
MRAMulti-Room Audio (amplifiers)
MRAMaster Repurchase Agreement
MRAMassachusetts Restaurant Association
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MRAMichigan Restaurant Association
MRAMultiple Regression Analysis
MRAMandatory Retirement Age
MRAMoving Right Along
MRAMulti-Resolution Analysis
MRAMental Retardation Authority
MRAModel Railway Association (various locations)
MRAMen's Rights Agency
MRAMaster of Research Administration (various schools)
MRAMedical Records Assistant
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MRAMarket Risk Amendment
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MRAMemphis Restaurant Association (Memphis, TN)
MRAMaster Residential Appraiser
MRAMission Risk Assessment
MRAMaritime Reconnaissance Aircraft
MRAMitsubishi Rayon America (New York, NY)
MRAManeuver Rights Area
MRAMarket Rate Account (saving mechanism)
MRAMunitions Response Area (US DoD)
MRAMasters Rowing Association
MRAMutant Registration Act (X-Men)
MRAMagneto-Resistive Asymmetry (hard disk drives)
MRAMinimum Repayment Amount
MRAMission Ready Airmen (US Air Force)
MRAMalaysia Retailers Association
MRAMonthly Rental Assistance (US FEMA)
MRAMoped Riders Association (bike club)
MRAMulholland Racing Association
MRAMEFPAK (Manpower & Equipment Force Packaging) Responsible Agency (US Air Force)
MRAMutual Responsibility Agreement
MRAMiniature Radar Altimeter
MRAMiscellaneous Relocation Allowance (various organizations)
MRAMaterial Receipt Acknowledgement (US DoD)
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MRAManual of Regulatory Audits
MRAMission Readiness Airlift
MRAMatter Requiring Attention
MRAMessage Release Authority
MRAMaximum Repair Allowance
MRAMultiple Relationship Analysis
MRAMean Reference Axis
MRAMaintenance and Repair Area
MRAMachine Records Activity
MRAModernization Readiness Assessment
MRAMean Acoustic Response Axis
MRAMinimum Reserve Authorization
MRAMain/Maximum Response Axis
MRAMilestone Review and Approval
MRAMessage Review Authority
MRAManufacturer's Resale Agreement
MRAMinimal Reactance Antenna
MRAMixture Reduction Algorithm
MRAModule Reservoir Assembly (automotive fuel system)
MRAMission Ready & Available
MRAMatrix-Rational Approximation Algorithm
MRAMetro Rating Area
MRAModel Range of Accuracy
MRAMembrane Reflector Antenna
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Graduating in 1965, Close spent the next five years involved with Moral Rearmament joining counter-counter culture group Up With People, touring America and Europe singing about 'old-fashioned values'.
For years, Jagged Edge star Glenn kept a lid on her past as a member of a right-wing evangelical movement called Moral Rearmament.
Hope in the Cities grew out of a group called Moral ReArmament, an informal network of people from around the world working to heal racial and ethnic conflicts.
What if Clinton were to run in the way that seems most natural to him--that is, if he tried to occupy both positions simultaneously, playing to Buchanan's punitive, racist rhetoric of moral rearmament, making ambivalent gestures to labor and blacks while hyping "free trade," a qualified commitment to abortion, and platitudes about civil rights for those who "play by the rules"?
Making its first appearance in the British Moral Rearmament publication New World News in February 1946 (a date close to the "circa 1950" averted by some of Dr.
~If some are born baggy, some achieve bagginess and some have bagginess thrust upon them, Baldwin was born baggy.' Of more substance, perhaps, is his dismissal of Philip Kerr, Lord Lothian: ~Kerr was an unsuccessful idealist, typical of a permanent, serious minority within the British Establishment, which worries about its amoral aimlessness and offers successive "missions" to the peoples of the UK, ranging from imperial unity to Moral Rearmament in the 1930s, to ardent Europeanism in the late twentieth century.' Lenman's political master is Machiavelli, and he writes of twentieth-century Britain as having a great deal in common with Renaissance Italy--except for the exuberant capacity for creating wealth.
This and the Adeosun saga may be good starting points for moral rearmament in government and public office, and this will be appropriately referenced by posterity as a contribution by the APC leadership and government.
the emergence of the vaguely fascist "moral rearmament" which takes over the town council, are naively and unconvincingly portrayed, and there are longueurs in the middle section, where Mr.
Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, like former Senator John Danforth on the Republican side, would be the candidate of moral rearmament. Danforth, a 63-year-old Episcopal priest who stepped down from the Senate in 1994 and took himself out of vice presidential contention in June, would have signaled to voters that George W.