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MBHManaged Behavioral Health (various organizations)
MBHMini-Black Hole (physics)
MBHMaschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle (German engineering works company)
MBHMorita-Baylis-Hillman (chemical reaction)
MBHMaintenance-by-the-Hour (Singapore Technologies Aerospace)
MBHMexico Boutique Hotels (est. 1999)
MBHMann Bradley Hughes (authors of paper on climate change)
MBHMedial Basal Hypothalamus
MBHMissouri Baptist Hospital (St. Louis, MO)
MBHMobile Backhaul (Metro Ethernet Forum)
MBHMonex Beans Holdings, Inc. (Japan)
MBHMadeline and the Bad Hat (Ludwig Bemelmans book)
MBHMicroscopic Black Hole
MBHMy Brain Hurts
MBHModern Blues Harmonica
MBHMessage Board Help
MBHMit Beschrnkter Haftung (German: With Limited Liability)
MBHMobile Block Hessian (molecular vibrational node analysis)
MBHMr. Bean's Holiday (movie)
MBHMain Boiler House
MBHMan Bytes Hollywood
MBHThousand BTU's Per Hour (means cost guide)
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The product of this reaction is known as Ruhemann's purple (Rp) [3-4].The literature review shows that study of reactions of ninhydrin is a subject of more interest and some of the useful reactions such as amidoalkylation[5], Knoevenagel condensation [6], oxidation [7,8], reduction [9,10], reaction with enols and aromatic compounds [11], synthesis of heterocyclic compounds [12], Friedel-Crafts type reaction [13-16], Kolbe-Schmitt [17], Passerini [18], Wittig [19] and Morita-Baylis-Hillman [20] have been investigated in this area.
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