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MGDAMarketing Gesellschaft Deutscher Apotheker (German: Marketing Society of German Pharmacists)
MGDAMethylglycinediacetic Acid
MGDAMultiple Degaussing Cable (US Navy)
MGDAMorning Glory Disc Anomaly (ophthalmology)
MGDAMichael G. Dolence and Associates (Claremont, CA)
MGDAMississippi Dairy Goat Association
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Morning glory disc anomaly optic nerve###* Microphthalmia
Also moyamoya syndrome, a disease in which certain arteries in the brain are constricted, may accompany morning glory disc anomaly.
The morning glory disc anomaly may be associated with midfacial anomalies, such as hypertelorism, nasal malformations and cleft palate.
It is a rare condition and may merge with the diagnosis of coloboma or morning glory disc anomaly in some cases.