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Data obtained by elevated plus maze and Morris water maze were scrutinized using one-way analysis of variance monitored by Dunnett's multiple compared test.
In this study, behavior, learning, and memory were assessed using the open field test and the Morris water maze in immature and mature rats after pentylenetetrazole (PTZ), a GABA inhibitor, -induced SE, as well as immunohistochemical expression of caspase-3, which is a cellular damage mechanism.
After seven days to recovery animals were evaluated through the classic maze with food and Morris water maze to assess spatial memory and learning.
These studies have employed a variety of neurobehavioral assessments during the course of the OP exposure, including the Morris water maze, which utilizes the delay-to-platform measurement to assess spatial memory deficits (Ivens et al.
Methods: First, the Morris water maze test and novel object recognition memory test were used to confirm declined memory in aged mice (C57BL/6, 20-22 months old).
The rats performed poorly on the Morris Water Maze, a spatial memory task.
In order to investigate these effects, the Morris water maze (MWM) and novel object recognition (NOR) test protocols were used.
At 8 weeks after STZ injection, the mice in the CON, T1DM, and T1DM + cPKC[gamma] groups were tested in the Morris water maze (n = 12 per group, resp.).
For example, SCN lesioning (which results in the loss of circadian rhythmicity) causes deficits in long-term novel object recognition [42], contextual fear conditioning and Morris water maze performance [100].