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MFCSMortar Fire Control System (US Army)
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This includes the M95/M96 mortar fire control system mounted (MFCS-M), the M150/M151 mortar fire control system-dismounted (MFCS-D), and the M326 mortar stowage kit (MSK).
These include the Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer and the Dismounted 120mm Mortar Fire Control System, which were modified for the APMI fielding to ensure mortar operations remain streamlined.
In 2005 the army also requested funding to field another five brigade sets of the M95/M96 Mortar Fire Control System to its heavy forces.
The program is called mortar fire control system (heavy), managed by the Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center at Picatinny Arsenal.
The M95/96 mortar fire control system (heavy) links the M577 fire direction center (FDC) vehicle with up to 18 M1064 120 mm mortar carriers, without soldiers having to dismount.
In 2004, the M95/M96 Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS) was fielded to the 1st Cavalry Division in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) II.
The Mortar Fire Control System is managed by the office of the Product Manager (PM) for Mortar Systems.
A new mortar fire control system will also be introduced.
The mortar unit's FDC will select the unit best suited to accomplish the mission and calculates the ballistic solution and time of flight with its M95 Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS) (preferred system if available) or paper map and firing tables (backup system).
There is another MFCS, this time the Mortar Fire Control System produced by AlliedSignal Aerospace, Defense and Space Systems, for the US Army.
The live fire was the culminating event after 120 hours of New Equipment Training (NET) on the MC-B's unique systems and the Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS).