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MOAIMinistry of Agriculture and Irrigation
MOAIMonoamine Oxidase Inhibitor
MOAIMortgages Online At Interfirst (Interfirst Bank)
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Probably AAMG's most popular technology innovation is its Mortgages Online At InterFirst (MOAI[R]) portal, where brokers can submit loans electronically for underwriting, receive no-cost automated underwriting feedback and credit reports, and register loans electronically.
INTERFIRST WHOLESALE MORTGAGE LENDing, Ann Arbor, Michigan, now offers mortgage brokers its OneFee[SM] Pricing Tool Only through Mortgages Online at InterFirst (MOAI), InterFirst's online lending portal.
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN-BASED INTERFIRST Wholesale Mortgage Lending has announced it now offers fully automated underwriting services to its customers as part of its expansion to Mortgages Online at InterFirst (MOAI[SM]).