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MOSKMulti-media Operating System Kernel
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Arjmandi et al [16] have proposed a new modulation method, which is a combination of CSK and MoSK. The transmitter uses molecules of type Aj, in odd time slots, and of type [A.sub.2] in even time slots.
(7) Judge Mosk. observes that in the past, "courts and
Consumers want to indulge, but they also are looking for better-for-you products with clean ingredient decks, notes Tom Mosk, marketing director for Fantasy Cookie Co., Sylmar, Calif.
Patterns of disorder commonly differ across gender, age, and informant source and are influenced by the culture in which one lives or grow (Weisz, Sigman, Weiss, & Mosk, 1993).
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In his spirited and oft-cited dissent, Justice Mosk came down squarely on Moore's side.