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MOSSAD[not an acronym] Israeli Intelligence Service (HaMossad leModi'in v'leTafkidim Meyuhadim; Hebrew: Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations)
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But after a moment, they're shaking their heads in disbelief when the elderly Mossad head (Ilan Dar) demands to be sent a very 20th-century videotape of the hostages holding newspapers.
He added that these forces have been transferred to Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan region to be later sent to occupied Palestine, noting that their training comes under a plan named 'Kurdistani Mossad' in Northeastern Syria.
Cohen described Mossad as the tip of Israel's spear against threats like Iranian nuclear and missile projects and Iranian backing for Palestinian Islamist Hamas militants.
"The claim that the prime minister asked the head of the Shin Bet to listen in on the chief of staff and the head of the Mossad is completely unfounded.
The trial of the two men accused of gathering information and cooperating with Mossad opened in Riyadh on Monday.
On Twitter, he clearly wrote that the Mossad assassinated the engineer because he was part of a secret Hamas unit that worked to develop its weapons.
'We have come to know that Home Minister Rajnath Singh has met the Mossad chief in Delhi.
Certains commentateurs israeliens, en particulier ceux de la chaine Channel 10, souscrivent a la piste du Mossad, mais, au fil des jours, les milieux israeliens commencent a douter que l'operation de Sfax soit l'oeuvre d'espions et d'assassins, comme l'affirme le [beaucoup moins que]Jerusalem Post[beaucoup plus grand que].
Skorzeny later lured Krug to a meeting in Spain, pretending to be offering security advice on ways to protect himself from Mossad spies.
Dagan was the 10th serving director of the Mossad, between 2002 and 2011, who had suffered from health issues in recent years and undergone a liver transplant in 2012.
YITZHAK Hofi, a former Israeli general and Mossad chief who played a key role in the country's daring 1976 commando rescue raid in Uganda, has died at the age of 87.
The office, to which Israel's Mossad intelligence agency reports, said the Mossad was able to ascertain what happened to the eight through a "credible source" who provided a photograph proving the eight had died.