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MoSSIMinistry of Small Scale Industries (India)
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The number of calls, their progression over time, and the languages selected (73% of callers responded in French, 21% in Mossi, and 6% in Dyula--all these data provided some answers for analysis, see Table 2 and Figures 4 to 6)[4].
It has always been defined as an important node in West African migration trajectories, not only for Hausa people but also for many different groups of migrants (Mossi, Fulani, Yoruba and Frafra, to mention only the most numerous).
In his new role, Mossi will be responsible for overseeing the bank's retail branches and merchant services.
(e) Boubacar Sawadogo is also known as Boubacar Mossi, a reference to the majority ethnic group in Burkina Faso to which he belongs.
<<Il y a des zones geographiques oU la population majoritaire est d'appartenance ethnique Mossi. Dans ces zones, le taux d'accouchements assistes est eleve.
La practica pone en evidencia un gran miedo a la sexualidad femenina, que se expresa, por ejemplo, con argumentos como los de los mossi, de Burkina Faso, o los dogon y bambaras de Mali, que creen que el clitoris es un organo peligroso para los hombres, ya que les trae consecuencias fatales si el pene entra en contacto con el.
Il sera confronte au president sortant Mahamadou Issoufou, a annonce, jeudi, Me Mossi Boubacar, un de ses avocats.
Beyond the season and drying state of the plant material, the EO yield and composition can be affected by other factors, such as stage of plant development, light, temperature, soil, altitude, rainfall, liming and harvest time (Blank et al., 2005; Gobbo-Neto and Lopes, 2007; Lakusic et al., 2011; Lima et al., 2003; Mossi et al., 2012).
En effet, ce sont souvent les mots qui poussent a la migration, que ce soit ceux clames par les chanteurs populaires (Lafay et Mick) ou par les jeunes filles mossi (Degorge), ceux des aines qui racontent l'ouverture des chemins migratoires comme une epopee (Laurent), ou ceux des proches ou des medias qui vehiculent une image doree des pays convoites (Furtado).
Whereas the Ashanti, Mossi and Mamprusi are heirs of empires with a marked hierarchical and centralized social structure, the other groups did not have chiefs.
On the way home, the buddies embrace the power afforded by the uniform including an impromptu stop and search of goons working for sadistic Russian mobster Mossi Devic (James D'Arcy).