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MLTSMulti-Line Telecommunications System
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Pickwick, 'I made use of the argument which my experience of men has taught me is the most likely to succeed in any case.'
Most Likely to Succeed is the best film ever done on the topic of school--both its past and future.
Asthma programs that address environmental triggers and are closely connected to front-line health care providers and local communities are most likely to succeed, according to study of more than 400 asthma programs.
Your BFF might graduate valedictorian, but that doesn't necessarily add up to Most Likely to Succeed. We'll let you in on a little secret: There's enough success to go around for everybody.
With its front-loaded, big-name talent--music by Phil Collins; book by David Henry Hwang; and sets, costumes, and direction by Bob Crowley--Disney's Tarzan is the show most observers would have picked as the one most likely to succeed this season.
In both cases, theorists have assumed that planet formation is most likely to succeed in stars that don't have partners.
The result of this will be to advance molecules most likely to succeed into clinical development, thereby reducing the overall time-to-market of life-enhancing therapies.
Experts agree, a few characteristics define the virtual employee who is most likely to succeed. They should employ great organizational skills and be willing to manage from a distance.
Not an enviable position for a student once voted "Most Likely to Succeed."
South Africa's bid still remains the most likely to succeed, if only by the narrowest of margins.
Choosing the right school is an important decision, and the well-informed student is the most likely to succeed. This document answers frequently asked questions about distance education.
Hospitals that are responsive to community needs are most likely to succeed in the long term.
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