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MOSTEMinistry of Science, Technology and Environment (various nations)
MOSTEMinistry of Science, Technology and the Environment (Malaysia)
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Care and attention was obviously lavished on the book, which bears both a dedication to Queen Mary and a closing "Oration Consolatorye, | to Marye / oure Queene / moste worthy of fame." The dedication, which is followed by an eighteen-stanza "Prologe to the Queenis maiestee," is appropriately full and contains clues as to when Forrest was working on his manuscript:
(18) Rather than cling to imperfect love, a "vain shadow of God's sovereign beauty and majesty," the missionary counsels in his chapter on imitatio Christi, we ought much more "to be deepely ravished with the love of God, and so settle our myndes therin, that we thincke it our chiefest happynesse in this lyfe, to embrace all hazardes, disgraces, & misfortunes in his quarell, and then to have moste cause of comforte, when for his glory, we are in moste bitter panges" (EC 37).
And no where fynde wee so dead lye debate, as amonge them, whyche by nature and lawe moste oughte to agree together" (More 1963, 12).
In 1975 they began to produce tufting carpets and Dinarsu developed to one of the moste important industrial complexes in Turkey.
Although the overall situation produces a comic effect--the speakers quack and cluck in pentameter--the irresolvable disputes retain the potential to break into violence, as the tercelet remarks in frustration: "I can not se that argumentes avayle; / Thanne semeth it there moste be batayle" (538-9).
Echoing Stubbes' use of the mirror metaphor, Latymer offers the piece as "a myrror or glasse" where Elizabeth might see "the moste godly and princely ornaments" of her "moste gracious and naturall mother" in order that she can follow her "example" both religiously and politically (qtd.
(6) Waes him oegweder poem eadigan were ge seo Godes lufu todxs hat & to[??]oes beorht on his heortan, [??]eah he for [??]asm deabe ne forhtode, ah hine does heardost langode hwanne he of disse worlde moste (LS 17.1, MartinMor, 271).
Matthews pointed to the similarity with Hardyng's account of Arthur's being crowned "with crownes thre of golde / As emperoure moste principall" (Hardyng 145) and his holding a feast at Rome for "the pope and all his worthy cardinals" (Mathews 172).
Ne wes pet wyrd pa gen, pet he ma moste manna cynnes dicgean ofer pa niht.
swa pa Lare- Pam pre- se papa gepa- ndum ostum fode so then advi- tho- prie- the pope gran- sing: se: sts: ted DAT DAT DAT pat Equi- moste beon gela- to Rome- tius ded byrig that Equi- sho- be brou- to Rome tius uld ght 'So then the pope granted to those priestly advisors that Equitius should be brought to Rome' (c.
The third chapter turns the figure of the Christian reader of the Old Testament text into that of a male voyeur through Thomas Garter's 1578 comedy, The Commody of the moste virtuous and godlye Susanna and George Peele's 1599 biblical history The Love of King David and Fair Bethsabe (with the Tragedie of Absolon).
It is convenient counsel, for the passenger, that presumeth either of wisedome, or honestie, to procure bookes, both good and pleasaunt, and some of prayers as matter of devotion: for of three exercises which are used at Sea, which is to weete [wit], playe, talke, and reade, the moste profitable and least hurtfull is reading.