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Ignore my mother's advice: I wish I had heard the song 'Mother knows best' (Tangled) more to realise that my mother's words were gems.
Justin Robbens, Mold, Denbigh MOTHER knows best, and Zayn Malik is wise to listen to what his mum is telling him.
The old adage "mother knows best" rings true as they are more likely to dish out money advice than personal finance advisers or banks.
Moving away from the Daddy influence, what about Mother knows best? Her own mother, Bousy, gave her advice on her career that she is happy to share: "My mother is always careful to give me the right kind of advice, asking me to take my acting seriously even if it's a small part.
London, August 31 (ANI): Britons feel that their mother knows best when it comes to the kitchen, reveals a new survey.
Mother Knows Best: Standing Up to the Experts takes a frank look the ways expert information is used to control and define motherhood.
Mother Knows Best , by Icelandic director Bardi Gudmundsson, is about how a mother wants her son to be gay because she does not want him to get married.
As always, mother knows best. So, at long last, Darren finally listens to Anita this week and confesses to the DVLA that it was him driving the car at the time of the accident.
"The mom-to-mom line reflects the truth of the adage "Mother Knows Best," said James White, senior vice president of Consumer Brands.
MOTHER knows best. Thank you for all you do--and do so well--past, present and future.
They say that mother knows best but on this occasion it seems father does - Mora's dad Jim Sr, the former Colts coach - said earlier this year the inconsistent QB Michael Vick was a 'coach killer' and his prophecy is being borne out.