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"Crucially, he didn't say no to a mother and baby unit, and he really listened to what we had to say and the research and ideas we presented.
'I just thought I was a really bad mother to Ava' | MUM Kathryn Harris was admitted to the Cyd Mother and Baby Unit after she was blighted by severe depression and psychosis after the birth of her daughter Ava, now aged two, in 2010.
"The mother and baby unit is very important because when a new mother suffers from a mental health problem it affects the whole family.
A prisons source said the 17 places at the mother and baby unit at Holloway, in north London, are full with another two women being held in a local hospital.
"When I visited the mother and baby unit, there was a mother who was unable to go home due to not being able to pay her hospital bill.
Now, Recovery Mummy are campaigning to reopen Wales' only mother and baby unit to help new parents cope with postnatal mental health problems.
Work has officially started on a new five-bed mother and baby unit and a new six-bed mental health unit for high care patients at Latrobe Regional Hospital.
A NORTH East mother and baby unit has been accredited as excellent.
The condition became more severe and eventually, she was admitted to the specialist mother and baby unit at St George's Park in Morpeth.
YOBS who threatened to firebomb a mother and baby unit have been cleared from an estate by tough new laws.
The 18-year-old has been refused admission to Holloway prison's mother and baby unit on the grounds that her "volatile behaviour" would put the child at risk.
She was told she would not be allowed to have a place in the mother and baby unit and would have to give up her baby.