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Aloha Camp's first Opening Day in June of 1905, was especially fulfilling for Mother and Father Gulick after a long winter of hard work in planning, arranging, and corresponding with prospective campers, counselors, and parents.
Along with its ideal setting, what made Aloha Camp so successful was Mother and Father Gulick's attention to the inner spirit in equal portion to their spontaneity and their initiation of "delightful activities.
After a courageous first year, Mother and Father Gulick had to take out a loan to pay their debts.
The success of Aloha Camp and Aloha Club inspired Mother and Father Gulick to imagine how camp could benefit younger girls.
After launching Hive, the next question for Mother and Father Gulick's imagination was "what about all the little brothers of Aloha and Hive campers?
The mother and father are awaiting trial on first-degree murder charges.