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MOABMassive Ordnance Air Blast (US DoD munition)
MOABMonoclonal Antibody
MOABMother of All Bombs (slang for the MOAB weapon)
MOABMonth of Apple Bugs (Mac security problems)
MOABManagement of Aggressive Behavior (NANA)
MOABMother of All Battles
MOABMother of All Bailouts (humor)
MOABMarketing Order Administration Branch
MOABMother of All Bloons
MOABMother Of All Buffets
MOABMother of All Blowers (Automotive Supercharger)
MOABMassive Ornary Air Blimp (gaming; Bloons Tower Defense 3)
MOABMicrosoft Application Bridge
MOABMotorised Air-Break (type of switch used in electricity distribution systems)
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In essence, this is the mother of all bailouts -- with Mr.
This is the mother of all bailouts, and we don't see the end in it yet," said U.
Last Friday saw the announcement of the mother of all bailouts with the US government's EUR700 billion (pounds 380 billion) plan to take toxic securities into public stewardship in a so-called "bad bank".