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MIFLMadeline Island Ferry Line (Wisconsin)
MIFLMaster International Frequency List
MIFLMaximum Individual Fiber Loss (FOC)
MIFLMotif-Index of Folk Literature (Stith Thompson book)
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(46) Broadening out still further, Stith Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk Literature does list gloves in the index, but a survey of the associated tales makes no special case for a specific folkloric link between giants and gloves.
US scholars of folklore, anthropology, and literature introduce Stith Thompson's seminal Motif-Index of Folk Literature (1932-36, second edition 1955-58) by presenting essays on some of the most important motifs and archetypes found in folklore and literature around the world, keying them to the Index.
He also expresses dissatisfaction with the motif-index of folk literature (while giving examples of motifs that he has collected which are missing from the index), and discusses the problem of being coerced into publishing only the "best" variants of legends.
The treatment ends, when applicable, with the folktale type (according to the Aarne/Thompson Types of the Folktale [1964]) and folk motif (according to the Thompson Motif-Index of Folk Literature [1958]).
In this instance not even the folktale reference numbers (a welcome addition, provided in this edition for each tale where possible) identify the parallel, because the translator of the Dutch tales provides the Stith Thompson number (Motif-Index of Folk Literature, 1989), rather than the Aarne-Thompson (A.
The book also benefits from a charming preface by series editor Carl Lindhal of the World Folktale Library, an excellent introduction by Walker, and a very useful index of motifs based on Stith Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk Literature.