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MOCAPMotion Capture
MOCAPMedical On-Call Availability Program (Canada)
MOCAPMissouri Civil Air Patrol
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"The potential for markerless motion capture in medicine is vast and exciting because it can quantify how a person moves without the need to attach electronic markers or other equipment to the body.
Most of the discussion through the years about motion capture has surrounded such issues as its prospects of putting actors out of work, or the relative merits of those performances vs.
Understanding the mindset and moods of a patient requires a well trained eye and experience, but through advances in motion capture the creation of a new system of psychological examination is possible.
To use the technology, the physiotherapist needs to strap the patient's body into a motion capture system consisting of high speed gyroscopic sensors.
The development of new and improved methods of editing and processing motion capture data has made great strides in making motion capture a more viable tool for animation production or for understanding biological process, technical and medical structures.
The software's unique capabilities -- officially unveiled at last year's Siggraph -- have now been fully integrated and the software sports several new features including a Skeleton Implants feature, complete Motion Capture integration, and an improved model "look" with bone, skin and muscle manipulation tools.
"MoCap, or motion capture, is captured by optical points on a real body while the person initiates the movement of the character in the show," explains Mandel.
Amazingly, Cunningham also bridges the past and the future; from Martha Graham (he was a soloist with her company) to computer-generated motion capture, he continues to lead the way.
Acclaim purchased the 3-story, 65,000 square-foot building for corporate offices and for the of their new motion capture studio, where they will design video games for Sega and Nintendo Game Systems.
The motion capture pioneer, best known for his roles as Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings and Caesar in the Planet Of The Apes films, will take on the role of the beloved bear, as well as helm the project.
You can perfect special shots and techniques on an interface that was modelled with motion capture technology using real players including Barcelona's Gerard Pique.