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As seen in above formula, the combination of job characteristic (Skill variety, Task identity, Task significance) has the same weight as Autonomy and Feedback, so AU and FB are given more importance in determining a job's Motivating Potential Score (22,23).
The average and categorization of the effective aspects in the job characteristics and Motivating Potential Score (MPS) has been shown in the Table1.
Table 1: Statistical index for five dimensions of job characteristics model and Motivating Potential Score (MPS).
Conversely, if job ratings are not affected by categorization, motivating potential scores should be equal across all three sets of conditions, because in all cases subjects were exposed to evaluatively equivalent information.
The authors of the JDS are not sure if they have an instrument problem or an ecological phenomenon to over interpret JDS scores for any single job characteristic considered The authors of the instrument suggest it is just as good empirically-and usually-better to simply add up the scores of the five motivating job characteristics to get an overall estimate of formula for the motivating potential score (MPS) as it is to compute them individually.
Also, the Motivating Potential Score was lower with the exception of the Food Service Company in Nicaragua had higher scores that the Hospital (service) company we surveyed.
With the variations in the scores for all categories, skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, feedback and the Motivating Potential Score, the researchers do believe culture did have an influence on the motivation of the workers in the two countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua.