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Short description: Spare parts for Beloslav motor ferry and Bella powerboat ordered for delivery must be supplied by the manufacturer or authorized representative of DEUTZ and Caterpillar as detailed in the Technical Specification in this documentation.
Eligibility Criteria : Brief description: Beloslav motor ferryboat spare parts and Bella motorboat spare parts requested for delivery must be delivered in detail by a manufacturer or an authorized representative of DEUTZ, Shottel, PERKINS and Caterpillar as described in the Technical Specification - "Technical Specification for Delivery of Spare Parts for Motor Ferry" Beloslav and "Bella Motor Ship" (current Documentation) Description of the Object of the Order and the Terms of Delivery: A) Beloslav Motor Ferry was built and put into operation 2001.
The contract is a service to ensure the Danube waterway motor ferry between the ports of Vojka and Kyselica, 365 days a year, 19 hours per day, while remaining the 5-duty hours will be provided in case of urgent transport ambulances, firefighters and security forces.