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The synchronous motor generator operates as a synchronous condenser or unloaded motor driven by utility power.
In addition, BorgWarner provides a motor generator with integrated electronics (MGI) which offers multiple electromagnetic variants to meet varying performance requirements.
: Planning, Design, Supply, Transport, Installation and commissioning of one (1) motor generator. Including excitation device and start-up converter with a generator apparent power of 230 mva for the.
Alstom s hydro manufacturing location in Tianjin will be in charge of the pump turbine, motor generator and balance-of-plant, in addition to handling the design, delivery and installation supervision of the project.
The report goes on o say: "The more-powerful, high-voltage motor generators and traction motors for strong hybrid and pure electric vehicles are improving rapidly.
20 November 2014 - US magnet motor generators and magnetic bearings specialist Calnetix Technologies LLC said it had bought local energy storage systems company Vycon, without revealing the financial terms of the deal.
In working with ABB, our aim will be to provide our customers with electrical motor generators and motor repair and maintenance services that are second to none in the region." Gus Abboud, of ABB, said: "As a leader in power and automation technologies, our aim is to help our utility and industry customers improve their performance whilst reducing their impact on the environment."
The models carrying the system, equipped with direct-injection engines, compact motor generators and compact 36-volt batteries, also meet 2010 fuel consumption standards required by the government, it said.
Technology has advanced from sparkgap converters to motor generators, magnetic multipliers and mains frequency, all with fixed frequency outputs and options on manual or automatic controls.
The alternator is replaced by motor generators. Which brings us to the three motor-generators: MG1, MG2, MGR.
Contract award notice: Contract by open procedure for the specialized maintenance services of the motor generators of the thermal drying plant with cogeneration of loeches
Lot 1: Maintenance of automation and motor generators -Timone and South.