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MNCVMotor Nerve Conduction Velocity
MNCVMixed Nerve Conduction Velocity (neurology)
MNCVMaximum Nerve Conduction Velocity
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Slowing of motor nerve conduction velocity in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats is preceded by impaired vasodilation in arterioles that overlie the sciatic nerve.
MNCV: Motor nerve conduction velocity, SEM: Standard error of the mean, SD: Standard deviation, NCV: Nerve conduction velocity Table 4: Comparison of mean values of right-sided median nerve MNCV of control and study group Number of Method of NCV (mean[+ or -]SD) participants/ evaluation in m/s group 30 controls Right-sided median nerve 57.2[+ or -]2.8 conduction velocities 30 study group Right-sided median nerve 44.4[+ or -]5.6 conduction velocities Number of Normal values SEM participants/ in m/s group 30 controls 56.7[+ or -]3.8 0.5 30 study group 56.7[+ or -]3.8 1.0 P=0.041 (P<0.05 is considered as statistically significant).
We have previously demonstrated that decreased vascular reactivity by epineurial arterioles, resistance size vessels that provide circulation to the sciatic nerve, to acetylcholine precedes decrease in motor nerve conduction velocity [26].
Normative data of upper limb motor nerve conduction in Northern Kerala population and effect of height on motor nerve conduction velocity. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol.
Nerve conduction studies (NCSs) revealed an elongation of the distal motor latency of the left tibial nerve on the abductor hallucis muscle (4.10 ms on left side versus 3.05 ms on right side), slowing of the motor nerve conduction velocity (37.6 m/s on left side vs.
The most representative abnormalities of nerve conduction in DPN are peroneal motor nerve conduction velocity, compound muscle action potentials, distal latency, sural sensory nerve conduction velocity, sensory action potentials, and tibial distal latency [26].
Additionally, in n-hexane neuropathy, decreased motor nerve conduction velocity with focal conduction block followed by dramatically diminished compound muscle action potentials (CMAPs) has been shown [13].
Both of these subjects with electrophysiologic evidence of ulnar nerve mononeuropathy at the wrist had normal motor nerve conduction velocity of the ulnar nerve in the forearm (BE-W) and across the elbow (AE-BE).
Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity was decreased in all the 4 limbs varying from mild to severe degree.
Highest value of ulnar motor nerve conduction velocity was observed on 14th day corresponding to the ovulatory phase but it was statistically not significant.
Data in Table 3 demonstrate that sensory nerve conduction velocity but not motor nerve conduction velocity is significantly decreased in diet induced obese rats compared to control rats.
The surface recording electrodes used for measuring Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity (MNCV) were placed in bellytendon montage; keeping the active electrode close to the motor point and the reference to the tendon.