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MVAFMotor Vehicle Accident Fund (various locations)
MVAFModern Vaccines/Adjuvants Formulation
MVAFMarket Value Adjustment Factor (finance)
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The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund also assisted the families with the sum of P7 500 each.
Provides for a Motor Vehicle Accident Fund which would provide compulsory insurance cover to all road users in India for certain types of accidents.
Caption: The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and National Road Safety Council paraded down Independence Avenue in Windhoek last week in launching the "I Pledge" road safety awareness message that advocates for a change in mindset in taking full responsibility for their own safety.
These included Botswana Medical Aid Society (BOMAID), Botswana Public Officers Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS), Embassy of the United States, Botswana Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA), Standard Chartered Bank Botswana, and Wellcome Trust (United Kingdom).
It also contains the provision for creation of a motor vehicle accident fund for immediate relief to the accident victim.
The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia (MVA Fund) have confirmed that statistics from their Call Centre indicate that from January 2014 until August 2014, 956 of the 2260 total crashes which were recorded involved trucks and pick-ups.
Palai commended the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) for sponsoring the spectacular with P9 750, saying it was a sign of support for local talent and motivation to the organisers to keep unearthing talent.
The Ministry of Works and Transport, Roads Authority Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, NAMPOL are just some of the organisations linked to the system and up to 42 traffic officers have been trained on the use of the system to facilitate the training of other road safety officials.
The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund has visibly been proactive in their plight to reduce accidents on our roads and to best assist victims, but they can not do it on their own.
Statistics by the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund reveal that many of these are caused by speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol as well as reckless driving.
The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund is the most transparent public institutions according to the Media Institute while the National Housing Enterprise was denoted the most secretive.
The sponsors this year are AdforceDDB, Hartlief Continental Meat Products, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, Office of the Mayor for the public Bus Transport for the kids, Pep Stores, Pointbreak Group Holdings, Sanlam Namibia and Windhoek Goreangab Operating Company.
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