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MTBOMountain Bike Orienteering
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MTBOMean Time Between Outages
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Andrew McLennan, chairman of the Scottish MTB Challenge Series 2015, said: "Mountain bike orienteering is about brain and brawn ".
first Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering (SMBO) events were launched four years ago.
Evening social dance: PS10.00 ROUND 4 - COMPASS CAMPUS Date: Sun 13 Jan Time: 9.00am Venue: Ulster University, Coleraine Trailquests or Mountain Bike Orienteering is for anyone who loves being outdoors, likes a challenge, enjoys riding new areas and wants friendly low key events.
We've found a great selection of days out for the long weekend, from kite flying to mountain bike orienteering, or trying out your soccer skills in Manchester.
Wykeham & Broxba Forest, North Yorks PEDAL to glory tomorrow in a three-hour mountain bike orienteering event on a network of tracks in two mature North Yorkshire forests.
Bruce Duncan is one of the UK's top adventure racers, and represented GB at Mountain Bike Orienteering.
Rhyl CC's mountain bike orienteering international Sarah Bayliss, from Denbigh, represented Great Britain in the MTBO World Cup at Nagymezo in Hungary, finishing 36th in the sprint event and then 43rd and 42nd respectively in the long races.
BROTTON rider Andy Conn has vowed to make amends for a disappointing European Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships in next year's event.
The event forms part of the TCA's Trail Quest Regional Championships and the North East Mountain Bike Orienteering Series 2006.