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MHVMouse Hepatitis Virus
MHVMid-Hudson Valley (New York)
MHVMiddle Hepatic Vein (liver)
MHVMiniature Homing Vehicle
MHVMiniature High Voltage (electronics industry standard)
MHVMulti-Harmonic Volterra (microwave theory)
MHVMedium Heavy Vehicles
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RNA replication of mouse hepatitis virus takes place at double-membrane vesicles.
Infection of AtT20 murine pituitary tumor cells by mouse hepatitis virus strain A59: virus budding is restricted to the Golgi region.
Carrier state of antibody and viruses in a mouse breeding colony persistently infected with sendai and mouse hepatitis virus. Lab.
Duration and strain-specificity of immunity to enterotropic mouse hepatitis virus. Lab.
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Abbreviations ALT: Alanine aminotransferase AST: Aspartate aminotransferase i.v: Intravenous IL-33: Interleukin 33 KO: Knockout LL: Liver leukocytes MHV: Mouse hepatitis virus MOI: Multiplicity of infection PI: Post infection PMH: Primary mouse hepatocytes.
Piquet-Pellorce et al., "Pathogenic mouse hepatitis virus or poly(I:C) induce IL-33 in hepatocytes in murine models of hepatitis," PLoS One, vol.
An electron microscope study of the development of a mouse hepatitis virus in tissue culture cells.
Down-regulation of Bgp1(a) viral receptor by interferon-gamma is related to the antiviral state and resistance to mouse hepatitis virus 3 infection.
detected IL-33 expression in murine fulminant hepatitis induced by poly(I:C), a Toll-like receptor (TLR3) viral mimetic, and by pathogenic mouse hepatitis virus (L2-MHV3).
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