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(4) When individuals were asked about the number of times, it has been shown that girls use brush more than boys & using mouth wash is only pointed out by a few students.
mouth wash in their daily routine and majority of them (70%) visited their dentist only in case of some dental problem (Fig 1).
To aid healing use an antiseptic mouth wash such as Corsodyl three times a day.
Antiseptic mouth wash containing Sodium list Fluoride & Triclosan Bott of 100 ml
The mean plaque index scores for the Listerine mouth wash were 0.94 0.18 for Chlorhexidine 0.54 0.09 and for sterile water were 1.54 0.08.
Brush, floss and use non-alcohol mouth wash. Also use a tongue scraper.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Buy of various items ROOT CANAL PASTE FOR FILLING ENDOMETHASONE/ ENDOFLOSS Pkt of 15gm, Antiseptic Mouth Wash containing Sodium Fluoride,Triclosan and Tetyl Peridium Chloride, Bott 100 ml, Benzocaine 20%, Pectin based oral ointment Tube of 5 gm, Disposable Glass Plastic 200ml, Mirror Mouth Plain Glass Fig 5 Top For, Mandrel and Polishing, Tip Holders set of 3, Cylindrical Tapering and Screw Head of medicines to mh jalandhar
CHECK OUT YOUR MOUTH WASH You might think a quick gargle with mouth wash and or a squirt of a mouth spray and you're good to go - but avoid those containing alcohol as they can dry out the mouth and so actually make bad breath worse!
But the prize for the most unlikely, inappropriate, daftest, out of touch advertisement at the moment, is that for Listerine mouth wash.
Tenders are invited for Povidone Iodine Mouth Wash 2 Percent W/V
SIREN Photoshoot in 1988 FAME Star with hubby Sly Stallone in 1987 HACKING She coughs MOUTH WASH Star gargles BINGEING With vodka FLOORED Brigitte lolls around and, above, seems to be sleeping off the booze
Tenders are invited for Ph No.:52056 Chlorhexdine Plus Sodium Fluroride Plus Zinc Chloride Mouth Wash