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The results of our movement study were similar to those of other studies, which found that the majority of freshwater sculpins (both species and individuals) are sedentary (McCleave, 1964; Brown and Downhower, 1982; Petty and Grossman, 2004; Schmetterling and Adams, 2004; Natsumeda, 2007; Hudy and Shiflet, 2009; Ovidio et al., 2009), although a small percentage exhibit considerable movement capability. During our study, 23% of marked mottled sculpin moved >100 m from their release location, with a maximum displacement of 839 m.
Media office of the Popular Resistance in Nabi Saleh said that al-Tamimi has lost his movement capability. The Popular Resistance movement in the village called the ambulance which immediately gave first aid for the injured and headed toward a hospital in Ramallah, yet the occupation forces who were at the main checkpoint at the village's entrance detained the ambulance and the injured man for an hour, then arrested al-Tamimi and transferred him to an unknown location along with another Palestinian who accompanied him in the ambulance.
- One 40-person cargo terminal company that provides staging and movement capability (up to 10KM) for both surface and air cargo.
ClearXchange is being rolled out nationally and the banks said they plan to expand it to include other financial institutions and endpoints "to create a money movement capability across the industry."
Power capacity and suspension system of the tanks were improved and thus their movement capability developed.
In addition to exceptional movement capability, kinosternid turtles are adapted to variable salinity conditions.
"At first the levels of complication are simply overwhelming for the performers and all of us, but then, like dance, it becomes a matter of working in the mirror, finding a language for your character and learning its particular movement capability."
These caulks are difficult to apply and feature moderate movement capability and poor low-temperature flexibility.
Simple to use, with two tightening knobs, the device operates smoothly with a four-point movement capability and is advantageous for hands-free moments in the lab.
Capacity constraints exist in the form of inadequate boarding gates, security terminals, and parking bays for aircraft, as well as low aircraft movement capability of the ATC (landing and take- off slots).
* Movement capability (up to +200 percent/-75 percent) is significantly higher than liquid sealants.
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