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The surprise big Hollywood studio movie of the year was definitely the brilliant The Blind Side which won a Best Actress Oscar for performance.
PIERCE Brosnan, Julie Walters and Meryl Streep singing classic Abba songs from the feelgood movie of the year - absolutely free.
Hands down the most enjoyable movie of the year. Mary us, Meryl!
"It's going to be the greatest movie of the year. Jot that one down.
The Corporation, a rousing, old-fashioned left-wing agitprop of a film, was by far the most popular Canadian movie of the year with Toronto audiences, while The Saddest Music in the World demonstrated yet again that Maddin might not have large audience appeal, but he is certainly one of the most profoundly original and talented filmmakers this country has ever produced.
Tarnation (Jonathan Caouette) The best movie of the year. A scarily original underground documentary about a boy (the director) who saves his own life with a video camera.
They were waiting to get in to the most talked-about movie of the year, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
The biggest international movie of the year in Japan has been "Star Wars: Episode I -- Phantom Menace," which has taken in $118.6 million as of Nov.
To Rich, making the Flynt film was a matter of "urgency." Indeed, the result is "the most timely and patriotic movie of the year." Why?
KARACHI -- The biggest animated movie of the year, The Donkey King has been ruling the box office since its release and now has become the highest grossing animated movie of the year raking in Rs180 million in total by the end of its fifth week.
The millennial movie of the year 'Walwal' is surely a must-see as it was given a Rated PG by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).
Summary: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Feb 10 (ANI): One of the most-awaited movie of the year, 'Kaala' starring superstar Rajinikanth is all set to hit the silver screens on April 27.