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MOWMoment of Weakness
MOWMeals-on-Wheels (non-profit food administering organization)
MOWMan or Woman?
MOWMoscow, Russia (Airport Code)
MOWMaintenance of Way
MOWMen of War (video game)
MOWMercer Oliver Wyman (management consulting; various locations)
MOWMinistry of Works (Bahrain)
MOWMinistry of Works (UK)
MOWMovie of the Week
MOWMaps of the World
MOWMehr Oder Weniger (German: More or Less)
MOWMake Own Way
MOWMadeleine of Wiken (est. 2006; Sweden)
MOWMembers of the Workforce (security clearance)
MOWMaennlich Oder Weiblich (German chat: boy or girl)
MOWModern Welsh (linguistics)
MOWMember of the Week
MOWMost of World
MOWMountain of Worship (ministry)
MOWMinimum Order Weight (carriage charges; UK)
MOWMission Operations Wing (NASA)
MOWMassive Online World (game/virtual simulation)
MOWMaster of Wisdom
MOWMaintenance Orderwire
MOWManiac on Wheels
MOWMail Order Works (Essex, UK)
MOWMasters of Weaponry (gaming clan)
MOWMadmen of Wrestling
MOWMission Operations Working Group
MOWMeasurement Over Wires (screw thread gauging method)
MOWMissionaries of War (online gaming clan)
MOWMuseum of Writing (UK)
MOWMessenger on Watch
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Reading The ABC Movie of the Week Companion, I remembered lots of childhood favorites, including Wake Me When the War Is Over, a dopey comedy starring Ken Berry and Eva Gabor.
He said it also had agreed, in principle, to air ABN's "Movie of the Week" during a primetime weekend slot.
But even though the content comes alarmingly close to Movie of the Week material--there are births and deaths, there are disappointments and realizations, there's a wedding at the beginning and a funeral at the end--Yi Yi never loses its delicate balance between common middle-class experience and the individual perceptions of its six principal characters.
Critics loved it, and it seemed to rise above its 'movie of the week' tagline.
Already this saga of two lovers with entrepreneurial dreams striving against religious bigotry and corruption in a battle over civil liberties has been bounced around Hollywood offices from network Movie of the Week executives to people at HBO and Showtime.
Bet it will make a nice TV movie of the week. [J.M.]
From Chaucer's The Nun's Priest's Tale (can you imagine the reaction to that movie of the week?) to Antonia Bird's 1995 controversial film "Priest," Catholic clergy have been a pet subject of poets, dramatists, and playwrights.
Elayne Rapping, the author of "The Movie of the Week," appears in this space every other month.
If I can't get back in the majors, maybe I can sell my story to "Movie of the Week."
1 Check out the must-see movie of the week, John Michael McDonagh's black comedy The War on Everyone with Michael Pena and Alexander Skarsgard.
"Django Unchained" jumped four spots from last week's list to become the fourth most pirated movie of the week. "Django Unchained" won two awards during the Oscars telecast with Christoph Waltz picking up an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor while Quentin Tarantino won for Best Original Screenplay.
If singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier ever tires of malting music, she can always sell her life story as a TV movie of the week. Growing up in Thibodaux, La., Gauthier (pronounced "go-shay") was troubled, with a capital T.