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Although transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) and cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) can typically present with bilateral symptoms as in moyamoya disease, they are not typical.
There are two cases showing long duration of CHPS after STA-MCA bypass reported in the literature, both of which were the patients with moyamoya disease [6,14].
The term Moyamoya disease should be reserved for an idiopathic, sometimes familial, condition, which leads to characteristic intracranial vascular changes.
Eames et al., "Central deafness in a young child with Moyamoya disease: paternal linkage in a Caucasian family," International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, vol.
PHD student Claris Diaz has been diagnosed with moyamoya disease, after she suffered a series of mini strokes | 040215CLARIS_13 PETER BOLTER
Moyamoya disease is a progressive, occlusive pathology involving the cerebral vasculature with particular involvement of the circle of Willis and its tributaries.
present 19 chapters on managing patients with moyamoya disease, for neurosurgeons, neurologists, and other clinicians.
Moyamoya disease and syndrome, named for a Japanese term meaning "puff of smoke," is seen as deep collateral vessels in an angiography of the head.
(7) Magnetic resonance angiography is useful in excluding large to medium vessel vasculitis as the cause of signal changes, including extremely rare unilateral Moyamoya disease. The role of CT in diagnosis of RE is inferior to that of MRI even though imaging features are similar.
One patient experienced two attacks and was diagnosed with CNS vasculitis and moyamoya disease (Figure 2).
Moyamoya disease is a cerebrovasculopathy of unknown etiology during the course of which the main and terminal veins of the internal carotid artery undergo progressive vein occlusion.