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MOZARTModel of Ozone and Related Tracers (chemistry transport model)
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The finest music which Mozart has written for the violin associates that instrument with the piano.
Julius opened the Sonatas of Mozart, and shouldered his violin.
He stepped into the drawing-room, where Lucy was still attentively pursuing the Sonatas of Mozart.
When he returned for it he heard, to his relief and surprise, the tinkling of a Mozart Sonata.
Beebe's eyes rested on Windy Corner, where Lucy sat, practising Mozart.
We all know what Mozart is," said the marquis; "our impressions don't date from this evening.
I will play you Mozart, if you like, which will only make you weep; but my Don Juan, Christine, burns; and yet he is not struck by fire from Heaven.
Ecod, he saws away at Mozart and Handel and the rest of the big-wigs like a thorough workman.
It was all old music--Bach and Beethoven, Mozart and Purcell-- the pages yellow, the engraving rough to the finger.
The sense of peace and seclusion soothed all thought and feeling into a rapt, unearthly repose; and the balmy quiet, that deepened ever with the deepening light, seemed to hover over us with a gentler influence still, when there stole upon it from the piano the heavenly tenderness of the music of Mozart.
Claro que no faltan quienes refieran que ellos mismos han experimentado ese efecto o que conocen a personas que les han dicho que efectivamente la musica de Mozart les produce una sensacion de expansion de la mente o mayor percepcion.
In his introduction Freeman draws attention to the paucity of scholarship on the topic of Mozart in Prague since the publication of Paul Nettl's trailblazing Mozart und Bohmen in 1938, citing war, communist rule, and the language barrier as among the factors responsible.