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MOZARTModel of Ozone and Related Tracers (chemistry transport model)
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We all know what Mozart is," said the marquis; "our impressions don't date from this evening.
He stepped into the drawing-room, where Lucy was still attentively pursuing the Sonatas of Mozart.
When he returned for it he heard, to his relief and surprise, the tinkling of a Mozart Sonata.
Beebe's eyes rested on Windy Corner, where Lucy sat, practising Mozart.
The discord of the roaring "people" (still echoing in his ears) had sharpened his customary sensibility to the poetry of sound, as composed by Mozart, and as interpreted by piano and violin.
The finest music which Mozart has written for the violin associates that instrument with the piano.
Julius opened the Sonatas of Mozart, and shouldered his violin.
If Mozart, instead of playing the pianoforte at three years old with wonderfully little practice, had played a tune with no practice at all, be might truly be said to have done so instinctively.
She sang religious songs of Mozart, which had been early favourites of Lady Steyne, and with such sweetness and tenderness that the lady, lingering round the piano, sat down by its side and listened until the tears rolled down her eyes.
The sense of peace and seclusion soothed all thought and feeling into a rapt, unearthly repose; and the balmy quiet, that deepened ever with the deepening light, seemed to hover over us with a gentler influence still, when there stole upon it from the piano the heavenly tenderness of the music of Mozart.
The German concert pianist and conductor, interviewed in the new season brochure, selects Mozart in his choice of three desert island discs.
A study of the computerized music curriculum SOFT MOZART was presented on the first and last day of the conference by 19 speakers from 15 different countries.