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Les geants de la technologie et les organisations travaillant sur Internet comme Google, Microsoft, Mozilla Corporation, Twitter, acces Internet prive, Facebook, Fondations Open Society, Vodafone et autres feront les gros titres de l'evenement.
Mitchell Baker is co-founder and chair of the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation. THE DAILY STAR publishes this commentary in collaboration with Project Syndicate [c] (
The company has increased its customer count significantly, adding Tesla, Mozilla Corporation and Eddie Bauer, LLC to a list that already includes Philip Morris International and Under Armour.
KDDI will continue to utilize the open mobile platform, Firefox OS, developed by Mozilla Corporation and work with developers to create a new kind of value never seen before using Web technology to connect not just PCs and smartphones, but other electronic products.
Li Gong, President of Mozilla Corporation, said, "Just one year after the first Firefox OS device launched, Firefox OS smartphone is now available in 17 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America.
In Mountain View, Calif., Brandon Eich, the CEO of the Mozilla Corporation and the author of JavaScript, the computer language that is web browsers' native tongue, resigned after the dating site OKCupid launched a campaign to protest Eich's personal support of Proposition 8, the 2008 California constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
A very different point of view was articulated by Mitchell Baker, chairperson of Mozilla Corporation, the developer of the open source browser.
He will be joined on stage to tackle this challenging area by Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla Corporation, Manoj Kohli, CEO and Joint MD of bharti airtel, and Stephen Elop, President and CEO of Nokia.
He will be joined on stage to tackle this challenging area by Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla Corporation; Manoj Kohli, CEO (International) and Joint MD, Bharti Airtel; and Stephen Elop, president and CEO of Nokia.
The conference sessions and keynotes are filled with impressive icons with real enabling messages: President Bill Clinton and the CEOs of Sprint, Pandora, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Mozilla Corporation, Spotify, Visa and Electronic Arts.
CloudMade s CEO Juha Christensen likens the relationship between his company and OSM to that of the Mozilla Corporation and the non-profit arm Mozilla Foundation.
Mozilla Corporation CEO John Lilly was equally quick to stress the continuing Google/Firefox cooperation on his blog.