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Sisvel has a long history of managing successful patent portfolios including those related to the audio compression standards known as MP3 and MPEG Audio, and widespread technologies such as OSD (On Screen Display), ATSS (Automatic Tuning & Sorting System), and WSS (Wide Screen Signalling - for automatic switching of television image formats).
The xHE-AAC MPEG audio codec is the first to combine speech and general-purpose audio coding in a unified system, allowing for high quality delivery of any type of audio content at virtually any bit rate.
For the listening test, the five test items offered by MPEG audio subgroup were used and are listed in Table 1 [17].
It has been included in Android since version 4.1 and delivers open source Fraunhofer implementations of the ISO MPEG audio codecs AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AACv2, and AAC-ELD to the Android community.
This edition has new chapters on acoustic model training, with topics like MAP (maximum a posteriori) and MLLR (maximum likelihood linear regression) adaptation methods and MMI (maximum mutual information) and MPE (minimum phone error) discriminant training; perceptual audio coding, with discussion of MPEG audio and the related psychoacoustics; music signal analysis and automatic transcription of music; music retrieval, including cover song detection; source separation and methods to separate different signals, including CASA (computational auditory scene analysis) and multi-microphone methods; and speaker diarization.
New to the second edition of this thorough resource is complete coverage of audio features, new chapters on narrowband and wideband AMR coding and MPEG audio coding, and treatment of new developments in wideband speech and audio compression.
The techniques used, particularly video coding and compression, MPEG audio, multiplexing and SDH transmission, will optimize the frequency spectrum and will significantly reduce the operation and maintenance costs.
But that's not all: Hardware from VBrick Systems ( can store or stream Bertha's content as MPEG audio and video across Georgia Tech's private network or the Internet.
All AT76C113 devices support MPEG video multiplexed and synchronized with MPEG audio at a resolution of 30fps quarter-VGA resolution.
The mandatory compressed audio decoder schemes for the DVD standard are Dolby Digital and MPEG audio, but the popularity of the DTS format in features films, basically makes support of DTS also mandatory.
The Vaddis V's audio processing DSP is a full 135 mips engine supporting the DVD-Audio standard, Dolby Digital, Dolby Headphone, AAC, MPEG Audio Layers 2 & 3 compressed digital audio, and Spatializer's Virtual Surround Sound among others.
(More about MPEG audio below.) This is logical since flash cards are used in both cameras and audio players.