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Profiled players in study from the coverage used under bottom-up approach are Eastman Kodak (United States), Cimpress (Netherlands), Shutterfly (United States), Snapfish (United States), Bay Photo Lab (United States), Digitalab (United Kingdom), Adorpix (United States), Mpix (United States), Prodpi (United States)
The experiments included shooting the facades of the building with the architectural detail, Plovdiv, 163 Shesti Septemvri Street with SMK 0808/56, with a 40 cm base and a CANON 7.2 Mpix digital camera.
Para ello se utilizo un dron modelo Phantom 3 Profesional, con velocidad de vuelo de 16ms-1, y altura maxima de operacion de 500m, que obtiene fotos JPG/DNG referenciadas por GPS/GLONASS de 12.4 Mpix, con un rango de inclinacion de -90[degrees] a 30[degrees].
Then the size of the particles was measured using the "Altami Studio 3.3" program and a USB camera (3 Mpix resolution).
Firstly IS1, 3 MPix RGB image sensor, UI-1460SE-C-HQ, from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH with a lens of focal length 50 mm is used.
The resolution of the cameras was 2 Mpix. The resolution of the projector was 1280 x 720p (HD-Ready).
The 3D-OCT device (Topcon, USA) in addition to CT has a coupled digital camera with a resolution of 16.2 Mpix, which provides highly accurate images of the test area with twentyfold zoom without losing image quality.
This customer made its initial move into fiber cleaning in the blowroom, with its purchase seven years ago of the VISION SHIELD MPIX by Jossi.
This was mainly due to insufficient quality of 4 Mpix sensor placed in the integrated camera.
A 3 Mpix RGB CMOS matrix with 3.2 micron pixel size (MT9T031) serves as the image sensor; it is connected to the central processor via a 10-bit parallel line.
--Any digital camera with 5 Mpix resolution or higher,
The family offers resolutions of 300 K, 500 K, and 1.3 MPix for GP industrial image sensing applications.