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MPLSMultiprotocol Label Switching
MPLSMultiple Listing Service (real estate; less common)
MPLSMultiprotocol Layer Switching (telecommunications networks)
MPLSMulti-Protocol Lambda (Wavelength) Switching
MPLSMulti Protocol Label Switching
MPLSModified Partial Least Squares
MPLSMicrosoft Partner for Learning Solutions
MPLSMulti-Schedule Private-Line Service Tariffs
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In order to provide a communication channels to IPv6 customer in different geographic location is by setup tunnels via the dominant MPLS carriers.
As Wolach describes, "VINO adds quality assurance to broadband, giving MPLS customers the means to achieve the full cost and agility advantages of SD-WAN without any sacrifice in performance or reliability."
MPLS offers an advanced networking solution to businesses that want to create private WANs which deliver high performance, security and global reach over virtually any connection type, as well as improved bandwidth efficiency with routing and application prioritization.
The topics covered at the event were the latest developments in MPLS and the introduction of the new e-Government Portal, which will be available through the Omantel website.
Commenting on the launch of this service, Ahmed al Ojaily, manager of connectivity solutions at Omantel's Corporate Business Unit, said, "We are delighted to offer International MPLS which will enable our corporate customers to link their local offices with their branches in most major cities and countries.
The MPLS network also enables the KVH mini-VSAT Broadband network to provide state-of-the-art firewalls and redundant high-speed Internet connections at each MegaPOP to ensure security and reliability of all customer traffic.
Talari's latest release provides sophisticated queue mapping between application traffic and MPLS queues and seamless aggregation of MPLS and broadband links.
Several integration mechanisms have been developed to leverage an existing IPv4 MPLS network into IPv6 based MPLS network.
Omantel MPLS service will allow NBAD Oman to link nine of its branches along with a number of ATM machines which will help the bank to provide a highly secured service to its customers."
By customizing an MPLS solution for Kiesling Associates, wasteful spending was eliminated and the value of the service increased.
The 4G MPLS VPN is already in use after VIVA recently signed an agreement with Bahrain Cinema Company to connect six multiplexes - Bahrain City Centre, Seef 1 and 2 cinemas, Al Jazeera, Awal, Al Hamra and Sr cinema.