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MRAMMagnetoresistive Random Access Memory
MRAMMagnetic Random Access Memory
MRAMMagnetic Ram
MRAMMineral Resources Authority of Mongolia (est. 1997)
MRAMMultibank Random Access Memory
MRAMMacPhail Radial Arm Maze
MRAMMost Rapid Alternating Movement (neurology)
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These patents provide fundamental MRAM intellectual property rights in multiple geographies worldwide, including North America, Europe and Asia.
MRAM is expected to be the dominant next-generation memory technology as it features ultra fast operation speeds, nonvolatility (ability to retain data with the power off), and unlimited write endurance.
Gupta has agreed to partner with SRAM & MRAM and Dr.
Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman of SRAM & MRAM Group, he had made special efforts to initiate the process of bringing SMEXASEAN to India in its new avatar as SMEXINDIA.
Kim was all praise for the efforts being put up by SAM & MRAM has invited the entire team to participate in the Korean Film Festival to be held in Seoul in September 2018.
SRAM and MRAM Group Director Mary Mam exuded confidence that SMEXASEAN will go a long way to boost developing growing economies like Cambodia, in a symbiotic partnership.
- Shailesh Hiranandani, Founder, SRAM MRAM Ltd., organiser of the event.
Led by Dr Yang Hyunsoo, the team developed a new device structure useful for the next generation MRAM chip, which can potentially be applied to enhance the user experience in consumer electronics, including personal computers and mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones.
"Once developed into a product MeRAM's advantage over competing technologies will not be limited to its lower power dissipation, but equally importantly, it may allow for extremely dense MRAM. This can open up new application areas where low cost and high capacity are the main constraints," Khalili said.
Dr Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman of the global conglomerate SRAM and MRAM Group, has been at the forefront of CSR has activities across the globe and has been promoting and supporting small businesses across the globe under their operational headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, SRAM and MRAM Resources Bhd and their CSR venture Malaysia Asia Chamber of Commerce (MACC).
Everspin Technologies (MRAM) announced an IP cross-licensing agreement with Seagate Technology (STX).