MRELMinimum Requirement for Own Funds and Eligible Liabilities (European Banking Authority)
MRELMining Resource Engineering Limited (Kingston, ON, Canada)
MRELMagnetic Resonance Engineering Laboratory (University of Southern California)
MRELMPEG Rights Expression Language (ISO)
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MREL requires banks to issue minimum volumes of loss-absorbing debt -- which for Cyprus is likely to include senior unsecured debt -- to protect taxpayers from the cost of bank failure.
The provisional agreement to amend the BRRD also proposes a discretionary cap for the requirement for subordinated MREL at 27% of a bank's total risk exposure.
MREL: minimum requirement of own funds and eligible liabilities
MREL forces banks to hold enough money to absorb losses, which could be drawn down in the face of collapse to finance an orderly wind-down.
AREL = 1/K [[summation].sup.K.sub.k=1]1/nk [[summation].sup.nk.sub.i=1] [square root of [d.sup.2.sub.cki]] MREL = [max.sub.i,k] [square root of [d.sup.2.sub.cki]] (8)
Andrew also offers a Location Measurement Unit (LMU) uplink timing system and the company's patent pending Multiple Range Estimation of Location (MREL) technology.
Andrew, LLC claimed to have invented a method of locating wireless phones (which it named "Multiple Range Estimation Location" or "MREL") and asked the court to determine that it did not infringe TruePosition's United States Patent Number 5,327,144.
Total capital ratio remains strong at 21.6 per cent and the Group remains well positioned to meet its MREL from 2020 with a pro forma transitional MREL ratio at 30 June 2018 of 29.7 per cent (31 December 2017: 26.0 per cent pro forma).
KBC Bank has proposed a "single point of entry" approach at the KBC Group level, and most debt issued by the holding company is downstreamed to the bank in a subordinated form that ranks junior to external senior creditors to meet the upcoming minimum requirement for eligible liabilities and own funds (MREL).
Ackermann said that additional EU regulations, such as the Minimum Requirements for own funds and Eligible Liabilities (MREL) would be particularly demanding and damaging for small banks in the EU, including Cyprus.