MRINMember of the Royal Institute of Navigation (United Kingdom)
MRINMilitary Relocation Information Network (online resource)
MRINMarketing Research Surveys and Information Network (India)
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Tilaaja voi mys minikilpailuttaa vastaanottohinnat puitesopimuskumppaneiden kesken, jos tarjottujen vastaanottopaikkojen sijainnit muuttuvat kesken sopimuskauden vastaanottopaikan tyttymisen, ympristlupaehtojen tai uuden vastaanottopaikan perustamisen johdosta siin mrin, ett kevennetty kilpailutus on tilaajan suorittamien vastaanottokustannusten kannalta tarkoituksenmukaista.
Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) said it has announced support for Yandex (NASDAQ: YNDX), Russia's largest search engine.
Under Market Research and Information Network (MRIN) Scheme, market information, on prices and arrivals of agricultural commodities in wholesale markets is disseminated to farmers and other stakeholders.
Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) said that that Mr Porter and the Outnet, leading global fashion brands in The Net-A-Porter Group, have chosen to work with its platform to optimize search, social and display campaigns globally.
Other measures are implementation of schemes for creation and strengthening of marketing infrastructure including scientific storage namely Agriculture Marketing Infrastructure (AMI) sub-scheme of Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing (ISAM) and Market Research Information Network (MRIN) scheme, under which information on prices and arrivals of agri commodities is disseminated through Agmarknet portal to farmers to enable them to take more informed production and marketing related decisions.
Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) said that ROI-DNA has selected Marin Software to optimize customers' paid search, display, and social advertising campaigns.
Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) said it has announced an integration to optimize search, social, and display campaigns against CRM data.
Government is also implementing Marketing Research and Information Network (MRIN) with the objective, interalia, to collect and disseminate prices and arrival data for the benefit of farmers and other stakeholders to facilitate the farmers in taking better production and marketing decisions to get more remunerative prices for their produce.
Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) said it has announced that DataSong, an analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) company specializing in revenue attribution and customer targeting, has become a Marin Connect certified partner.
Ministry of Agriculture is implementing Central Sector Scheme of Marketing Research and Information Network (MRIN) since March 2000 with an objective to collect and disseminate price and market related information in respect of different agricultural commodities including horticultural produce for the benefit of farmers.
streamline and automate the management of product inventory feed, Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) said it has enhanced its Dynamic Campaigns product with new inventory feed management tools including an integration with Productsup, a provider of cloud-based product data management technology.
Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) stated that above USD5bn in annualized advertising spend is contolled through its platform.