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MSCFDThousand Standard Cubic Feet per Day (volume measurement)
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PGN will buy gas from Medco at a price of US$5.7 per million Btu (1,000 MSCFD).
The plant boasts a processing unit with a capacity of 800MSCFD from which a total of 1,600 MSCFD of natural gas will send feed gas to the GTL core unit to produce 140,000 barrels per day.
At these conditions the compressor is capable of flows ranging from 200 to 1200 mscfd.
An adjacent plant Les Poudres Metalliques du Quebec Ltee., owned and operated by QIT-Fer et Titane, used up to 770 MSCFD purchased natural gas as fuel for heating and process requirements in the production of specialized iron powder products.
"This will allow us to import 400 million standard cubic feet of gas per day (mscfd) with flexibility to expand it to 800 mscfd.
2009 Producers Volume (MSCFD) Total Indonesie 2500,000,000 ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd 271,459,489 Conoco Phillips Natuna Ltd 158,524,854 ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc 137,455,690 BP Indonesia 91,445,120 PetroChina (Jabung) 75,727,096 Asamera Oil (Indonesia) Ltd, 59,299,365 Chevron Indonesia Company 55,296,501 BP Tangguh 52,993,060 Source: ESDM, Data Consult
The system is designed for maximum operating pressure of 1250 psig (86.2 bar) and a maximum non-compressed flow rate of 800 MSCFD. It also incorporates a SCADA and telecom system on 150 miles of fiber optic cable, a VHF mobile radio system anti satellite communications.
Earlier this month the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said that Indonesia will require an additional 3,100 million standard cubic feet per day (mscfd) of gas supplies in the next five years to meet domestic gas demand for the country's power stations and fertiliser plants.
According to initial estimate of the industry ministry, there will be a shortfall of 170 MSCFD in gas supplies needed in the revitalization program.
Around 100 million standard cubic feet per day (mscfd) of natural gas which used to be burnt and wasted during LNG ship loading is now being recovered and utilised in the LNG production plants as fuel.